Healthcare leadership learning programme

The IHF learning programme is designed to support healthcare executives and leaders to excel in the competencies required for future-focused leadership.

Based on the IHF's Global Healthcare Leadership Competency Model (developed in collaboration with 45 experts from 30 countries around the world), the curriculum can be adapted for regional and organizational needs.

About the learning programme

Changes impacting modern healthcare service delivery are rapid and significant. In response, leadership skills and styles need to keep pace and focus on future organizational needs through continuous professional development. Self-development is one of the key enabling domains in the IHF’s Global Healthcare Leadership Competency Model.

The IHF’s healthcare leadership learning programme provides an in-depth skills development course in contemporary leadership. Led by faculty with extensive experience in hospital management, the programme is beneficial to seasoned executives as well as the next generation of leaders. The programme can be delivered face-to-face, hybrid, or online depending on the needs of the learning community. The modules are designed for group participation rather than individual learners.

Details of the programme

The core learning is structured as a week-long programme covering 10 modules. Didactic and interactive, experiential learning supports executives to understand and develop the competencies required for future-focused leadership:

  • Values of contemporary leadership
  • Change management
  • Governance
  • Strategic planning
  • Operational resilience
  • Engaging culture and environment
  • Strategic financial management
  • Quality improvement and patient satisfaction
  • Sustainability (developed with the Geneva Sustainability Centre)
  • Execution

The curriculum and format can be tailored to your needs and regional context. Costs are based on competitive rates, according to the country income level and the chosen format.

Our faculty

The faculty members come from the IHF’s membership. They are experienced healthcare executives with knowledge of different regions and health systems.

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