i-to-i Innovation Hub returns in 2024!

The Innovation Hub showcases ground-breaking innovations that revolutionize how hospital leaders provide care worldwide. In 2024, it is presented by the IHF and Stanford Medicine.

Under this year's theme, 'Hospitals of the Future,' innovators can submit unique products, processes, or services that are addressing specific challenges in healthcare settings.

Share this call for applications widely in your networks – take your hospital innovation to the global stage at the World Hospital Congress!

Do you have a team of innovators in your hospital who have developed something that has changed how the organization works? Do you work with a start-up company that has taken a completely new approach to an established problem? Do you want the opportunity to share exciting cutting-edge innovations from your country with hospital leaders from around the world?

Important dates

  • Finalists will be contacted by Monday 1 July.
  • Attendance at the 47th World Hospital Congress in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) from 10 to 12 September.

Each application will be reviewed against 4 criteria.

  1. Innovative value and interest to the IHF membership. 
  2. Evidence of purpose and responsiveness to a need or challenge. 
  3. Evidence of impact in the following areas: access to care, clinical quality, patient satisfaction, workforce wellbeing, environmental sustainability, operational efficiency. 
  4. Potential for scalability. 

Submission guidelines

  • Hospitals, healthcare providers, academic institutions, hospital associations, ministries of health, and private companies are welcome to apply.
  • Each application must be accompanied by a letter of support from an IHF member organization (or a member hospital) answering the questions: in your view, is this innovation improving the provision of high-quality, patient-centred care? Does this innovation have potential to be scaled to other organizations in different markets? You can use this sample letter for a template.
  • The innovations can be devices, products, processes, or hospital designs.
  • The innovations should be currently in use in at least one healthcare setting of an IHF member or in a member hospital of an IHF member.
  • The innovations should bring something to Congress that the IHF membership may not have seen before, and innovators should be willing to share their stories and challenges of implementation and integration.
  • Please note that the specific context in which care is being provided will be taken into account by the review panel – low-cost, low-tech innovations that meet a specific need are very welcome.
  • If selected, innovators must agree to send at least one representative to the World Hospital Congress in Rio de Janeiro (10–12 September 2024) – virtual participation will not be possible.
  • It is possible to submit an entry to both the Innovation Hub and IHF Awards. If you choose to do so, please indicate this in your application and use the same contact information in both applications.
  • Who can submit an application to be part of the Innovation Hub?

    Innovators who have developed a unique product, process or service which solves a specific challenge in a hospital, and that could be scaled to other settings, regions or countries, can submit an application. Hospitals, healthcare providers, academic institutions, hospital associations, ministries of health, and private companies are welcome to apply.

    The innovation must already be in use in a healthcare setting. And please note that all applications must be accompanied by a letter of support from an IHF member (or a member hospital of an IHF member).

  • What are the benefits for selected innovators?

    The innovators who are selected for the Hub showcase will enjoy wide-ranging benefits and opportunities.

    • Sharing their innovation with over 1400 delegates at the World Hospital Congress (from 10 to 12 September 2024 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). 
    • Participating in a pre-Congress learning and networking event with the Innovation Hub Steering Committee and other selected innovators (9 September 2024).  
    • Giving a five-minute innovation Ignite Talk to delegates as part of the Congress programme. 
    • Showcasing their innovation to delegates throughout the Congress at a dedicated space in the Hub exhibition area. 
    • Gaining visibility through the World Hospital Congress app, IHF website, and Congress write-ups. 
    • Joining the Innovation Hub alumni.
  • What are the requirements of selected innovators?

    The innovators who are selected for the Hub showcase will need to be fulfil some participation activities.

    • Registering at least one innovator to attend the World Hospital Congress (including pre-Congress activities on 9 September).  
    • Providing a short (23 minute) video presenting their innovation for use on the IHF website, Congress app, and social media. 
    • Giving a five-minute Ignite Talk about their innovation at the Congress, in English, and without slides. 
    • Being present at the Hub space to showcase their  innovation during breaks and networking sessions at Congress. 
    • Providing feedback on their experience and participating in any follow up communications (where invited). 
  • What is the difference between the Innovation Hub and the IHF Awards? Can I apply for both?

    The Innovation Hub spotlights cutting edge innovations that bring new approaches to dealing with challenges faced by IHF member hospitals. They are new ideas for products, services, designs or processes that disrupt the traditional way of working and revolutionise healthcare delivery.

    The IHF Awards are presented in recognition of excellence that has been demonstrated in seven categories, with performance judged against specific criteria.

    It is possible that a solution that is submitted to the Innovation Hub could also meet the entry criteria for an IHF Award. If you do choose to submit the same solution to both the Innovation Hub and IHF Awards, you must note this in your entry to both programmes and provide the same contact information for both submissions.

  • Who can I contact for more information?

    You can send an email to Ilona Johnston with any questions about the Innovation Hub.