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We provide the voice of hospitals in initiatives, research and joint statements with other global institutions and NGOs

International Geneva

“International Geneva” is the label used by the city to describe a unique ecosystem where international organizations, NGOs and permanent missions, amongst others, work together in response to global challenges.

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Taking action together on what matters to our members

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We recognize the importance of collaboration with other stakeholders to respond to the increasing complexity of the healthcare environment. By implementing partnership collaborations, we can carry out our work more effectively and find creative solutions to support our members facing a variety of challenges.

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States are represented by permanent missions in Geneva


International organizations are based in Geneva


Non-governmental organizations have their headquarters in Geneva


The IHF stands with hospitals during conflict

Attacks on hospitals, healthcare workers, and ambulances are not acceptable. No matter the context. No matter the reasons. It is a violation of International Humanitarian Law, and we firmly stand against it.

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Carbon challenge of healthcare: IHF partners in action

At the 45th World Hospital Congress, an IHF partners' workshop focused on net zero, climate resilient, and sustainable healthcare. Attendees learned and exchanged on concrete ways of delivering net zero in a hospital or healthcare setting.
This tabletop exercise was led by The Joint Commission, and chaired by their President and CEO, Dr Jonathan B. Perlin. Invited participants came from IHF partner organizations including the World Economic Forum, WONCA and ISQua.

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Addressing climate change as an integral part of healthcare delivery

We join our voice with those recognizing the impact of the healthcare sector on the environment and human health. We equally recognize that good leadership is paramount to drive the organizational changes which will generate positive impact for the generations to come.
This statement illustrates the conviction of IHF Members that every hospital and healthcare organization has a role to play in its community in addressing the sustainability challenges. We also consider it as the starting point of our long-term engagement to take action on climate change.
Through our newly established Geneva Sustainability Centre, we are committed to responding to your needs and to equipping current and future hospital leaders with the required information, tools and skills.

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The role of national hospital associations in health system governance before and during the COVID-19 pandemic

Findings from an exploratory online survey; a collaboration between the IHF and World Health Organization

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Carbon challenge of healthcare: IHF partners in action

Climate change impacts human health in different ways, increasing the demand for healthcare services. Ironically, the healthcare sector itself is...

IHF Statement on Sustainability

Addressing climate change as an integral part of healthcare delivery Hospitals and healthcare organizations hold a unique responsibility to provide...