Meet the team

The International Hospital Federation is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

Our amazing team

Our talented team bring a wealth of experience in hospital management, healthcare, and specialisms including events, communications, and skills development.

Aditi Jayaram

Project Officer | Geneva Sustainability Centre

Aditi manages projects for learning development focusing on sustainable healthcare for the Geneva Sustainability Centre.


Ana Rubio Ruiz

Membership and Administrative Officer

Ana is responsible for the administrative function supporting the IHF team, as well as for the community of IHF Members and the governance bodies.

Anaïs Laigle

Programme Manager

Anaïs ​[anaˈis] manages outreach to current and potential members, coordinates governance activities, and supports training activities, such as the Young Executive Leaders programme.

Andy Garman

Andrew Garman

Senior Leadership Development Advisor | Geneva Sustainability Centre

Andrew (Andy) is an industrial psychologist, professor, award-winning author and educator – bringing decades of experience facilitating learning programmes to his consultancy role.


Carmen Menéndez

Senior Project Officer | Geneva Sustainability Centre

Carmen supports the development and activities of the Geneva Sustainability Centre, coordinating its projects and international collaborations.

Chriztina Madlangbayan

Events Officer

Chriztina (Tin) manages the Call for Abstracts, review and selection of best posters, and organizes the hospital visits for delegates at the World Hospital Congress.

Eleonor Angeles

Awards and Programme Manager

Eleonor manages the annual IHF Awards and the Dr Kim Trust Fund, and provides marketing and sponsorship support for the World Hospital Congress.

Ilona Johnston

Programme Lead

Ilona manages programmes and projects in special interest areas, such as digital health, female leadership in healthcare, and big data.

Karen Odessa Cabuyao

Senior Events Officer

Karen supports the logistics and promotion of events and webinars, and manages digital content creation (website, podcasts, videos, WHC app).

Katherine Bennett

Senior Communications Manager

Katherine is responsible for the IHF and Geneva Sustainability Centre’s strategic communications and engagement activities across all work programmes and channels.

Linda Clark

Linda Clark

Director of Professional Development

Linda leads the training and development initiatives of the IHF Faculty, as well as coordinating events and membership activities across the Middle East region.


Mylene Dayola

Communications and Design Officer

Mylene (Myles) manages social media campaigns and creative content for programmes and events for the IHF and Geneva Sustainability Centre.

Patricia Mencias

Events Manager

Patricia leads the events team and manages the annual World Hospital Congress, the IHF’s flagship event.


Renzo Costa

Project Officer | Geneva Sustainability Centre

Renzo supports the delivery of projects and programmatic initiatives driving the strategy and engagement of the Geneva Sustainability Centre.


Ronald Lavater

Chief Executive Officer

Ronald leads the IHF Secretariat, managing the team and its performance, with responsibility for all day-to-day activities, and executive reporting.

Ryan Crowder

Programme Lead – Strategic Initiatives

Ryan manages partnerships related to programmes and resources as well as commercial strategies for the IHF and the Geneva Sustainability Centre.

Sara Perazzi

Senior Partnership and Programme Manager

Sara leads strategic liaison activities with international partners, advocacy initiatives, and networks such as the Association Leaders Circle.

Sonia Roschnik

Sonia Roschnik

Executive Director | Geneva Sustainability Centre

Sonia provides strategic leadership, with responsibility for the development and implementation of the Geneva Sustainability Centre’s vision, goals and workplan, and management of its operations.

Sylvia Basterrechea

Sylvia Basterrechea

Programme Lead | Geneva Sustainability Centre

Sylvia manages strategy and engagement related to leadership for sustainability, as well as the IHF’s international framework of healthcare leadership competencies.


Thomas Dakin

Programme Lead – Learning Programmes | Geneva Sustainability Centre

Thomas (Tom) leads the development and delivery of an executive-focused learning programme and its faculty, including masterclasses, study tours and peer learning.

Victoria Del Pozo

Communications and Marketing Officer

Victoria develops communications and marketing content to support IHF members, activities and programmes across the IHF and Geneva Sustainability Centre.

What we do

Connect internationally

We provide our members with a platform for knowledge exchange and networking with different actors in the health sector. Motivated by a shared commitment to well-managed hospitals, our members act together to improve the standard, quality, and level of healthcare service delivery.

Knowledge exchange

Connect at the annual World Hospital Congress, virtual events, and study tours. Special interest groups focus on the key issues for today’s hospital managers. Annual IHF Awards recognize and share good practice.

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Leadership development

Dedicated groups for association leaders, and women in leadership, a development programme for young executives, and a leadership competencies framework.

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Outreach and partnerships

Advocacy and international collaborations help us to carry out our work more effectively and find creative solutions to support our members facing a variety of challenges.

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Geneva Sustainability Centre

Driving net zero, climate resilient, and sustainable health systems: supporting hospitals to become leaders for sustainability in their communities.

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News and events

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25 July 2024

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