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We are the only global organization connecting managers of hospitals and health systems worldwide.


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Full members

Full Members include associations and bodies representing hospitals and healthcare service organizations, such as national or regional hospital associations, and ministries of health.

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Africa and Eastern Mediterranean

South-east Asia and Western Pacific

Premier associate members

Premier Associate Members include hospital and healthcare organizations with five or more facilities, as well as entities such as healthcare purchasing companies.

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Africa and Eastern Mediterranean

South-east Asia and Western Pacific

Associate members

Associate Members are individual or small groups of private and public hospitals, medical centres, and professional associations.

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Association Nationale des Centres Hospitaliers Locaux, France

The association's main objectives are to promote, defend and recognize local hospitals in the French healthcare system. It represents more than 300 establishments in metropolitan and overseas France.

Africa and Eastern Mediterranean

South-east Asia and Western Pacific

What we do

Connect internationally

We provide our members with a platform for knowledge exchange and networking with different actors in the health sector. Motivated by a shared commitment to well-managed hospitals, our members act together to improve the standard, quality, and level of healthcare service delivery.

Knowledge exchange

Connect at the annual World Hospital Congress, virtual events, and study tours. Special interest groups focus on the key issues for today’s hospital managers. Annual IHF Awards recognize and share good practice.

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Leadership development

Dedicated groups for association leaders, and women in leadership, a development programme for young executives, and a leadership competencies framework.

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Outreach and partnerships

Advocacy and international collaborations help us to carry out our work more effectively and find creative solutions to support our members facing a variety of challenges.

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Geneva Sustainability Centre

Driving net zero, climate resilient, and sustainable health systems: supporting hospitals to become leaders for sustainability in their communities.

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Reasons to join

Our members are part of a community shaping the future of healthcare around the world. Together, our vision is a world of healthy communities served by well-managed hospitals and health services where individuals can reach their highest potential for health.

With access to our events, peer-to-peer groups, training programmes, and much more, the IHF provides a unique international network for knowledge exchange and collaboration – and we’ve been doing it since 1929!

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Global reach

Our connections to international partners give our members access to global forums focusing on key challenges in the healthcare sector.

IHF- Icon - Developing leaders

Developing leaders

The training calendar includes a programme for Young Executive Leaders, study tours, and webinars. We connect peers in forums for women leaders and association leaders.

IHF- Icon - Events and networks

Events and networks

The annual World Hospital Congress is an unmissable gathering for the IHF community. Our Special Interest Groups connect our members to exchange on the most important current issues.



Showcase your organization’s events and activities across our international communication channels. Submit entries for the prestigious annual IHF Awards.

Want to become a member?

We welcome applications to join the IHF community from a diverse range of hospitals and organizations – including hospital associations, ministries of health, health service and healthcare organizations, professional associations, and other hospital-related companies.

Submit your application and we will contact you to guide you through the process.

What our members say

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What our members say

Paul – Émile Cloutier

President and CEO, HealthCareCAN (IHF Full Member)

HealthCareCAN deeply values its relationship with the IHF, and it is our view that global cooperation and partnerships are a vital component of Canada’s success. Our membership in the IHF for the past seven years has provided our members with international perspectives that have helped drive innovation and excellence in Canada’s health system.

Dr Steve Ueng

President, Taiwan Hospital Association (IHF Full Member)

The Taiwan Hospital Association joined the IHF as a full member in 1970. We are delighted that the IHF provides its members with a platform for knowledge exchange and networking with different actors in the health sector to improve the standard, quality, and level of service delivery.

Matthew Taylor

CEO, NHS Confederation (IHF Full Member)

The greatest strength of IHF membership for us over the last five years has been our ability to connect with leaders across the IHF community, to share our mutual experiences, insights, and expertise. Our collaboration with the IHF has helped us share international best practice with our members as they contend with the mutual challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Simon Tang

Director (Cluster Services), Hong Kong Hospital Authority (IHF Full Member)

As part of the IHF community throughout the years, our staff members have been offered valuable opportunities in knowledge and strategies exchange, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The role of the IHF will become more and more important amid the challenges of chronic illnesses and aging population faced by various hospitals and healthcare associations around the world. We are confident that the IHF will lead us to tackle these challenges ahead.

Anna Riera-Domènech

Associative and healthcare affairs direction, Unió Catalana d’Hospitals (IHF Full Member)

For Unió Catalana d’Hospitals IHF membership means a great opportunity of sharing future’s vision trends of healthcare in a global world. As a healthcare providers association, it is important to learn from others that face the same challenges as ours: a change in demographics, epidemiology and healthcare needs of the population contribute to health policies in each country, support healthcare management professionalization and, therefore, contribute to boost healthcare systems through improving quality of healthcare management and healthcare delivery.

The IHF is a key platform for a comprehensive international dialogue, ideas sharing and networking, partnership and knowledge exchange, to keep on helping our members to be sustainable and efficient, in order to achieve, all together, our fundamental goal: improve healthcare delivery quality to assure a fairer and healthier life for our people. It is a commitment of the healthcare community.

Lily Koros Tare

CEO, Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya (IHF Associate Member)

We joined the IHF in 2014 after recognizing it as a perfect platform to share ideas and learn more on transformational leadership, innovations and best practices in service delivery, in a time of emerging global health challenges. Our participation at the IHF’s World Hospital Congress has exposed us to simple practical ideas and innovations which, if applied in complex environments, greatly impact health outcomes. Indeed, the IHF provides unique opportunities for great minds in healthcare leadership to explore practical solutions to promote quality healthcare and patient safety in a cost-effective manner.

Rufino L Macagba

Chairman and President, Lorma Medical Center, Philippines (IHF Associate Member)

As a member who has participated in IHF study tours and conferences, I have gained a lot of new insights and new friends. I believe IHF and its publications are useful sources of new information on international healthcare, hospital management and trends. IHF Membership serves to increase my hospital’s international profile.

Member survey

Listening to our members

We prioritize the areas that matter most to our members. Every year, we survey our community to benchmark our value to them. We use the feedback to improve our programmes and services. You can read move about our performance and achievements in our annual activity reports.

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Have more questions?

  • How can my organization become a member?

    Submit your application and we will contact you to guide you through the process. We will get to know you and your organization a little, select the right type of membership for you, and follow our governance process to bring you on board.

  • Is my organization already a member?

    If your organization is part of a national hospital authority, you could already be an affiliated member. You can look for your hospital authority in our list of members above. If you are not sure, you can contact us to ask for help.

  • What are the differences between the types of membership?

    Full membership is reserved for national or regional hospital associations, and ministries of health. 

    Premier associate members come from include hospital and healthcare organizations with five or more facilities, as well as entities such as healthcare purchasing companies. 

    Our associate members are individual or small groups of private and public hospitals, medical centres, and professional associations.

  • How much does membership cost?

    Fees for full members are calculated on the basis of National GNI and World Bank classification of countries. 

    Grants for hospital associations in low-income countries to join as members are available from the Dr Kwang Tae Kim Trust Fund.

    Premier Associate membership: 10,300 CHF (Swiss francs)

    Group Associate membership:

    • 2 to 5 healthcare facilities: 5,150 CHF (Swiss francs)
    • over 5 healthcare facilities: Premier Associate membership at 10,300 CHF

    Stand-alone Associate membership: 1,030 CHF (Swiss francs)

  • What are the benefits of IHF membership?

    Membership opens doors to an international community of like-minded leaders and professionals. Through exchange and collaboration, we support our members to deliver more efficient and sustainable healthcare worldwide. We provide value through a range of events and activities, including:

    • World Hospital Congress
    • IHF Awards
    • leadership development programmes
    • advocacy on the global stage
    • webinars and networking

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