IHF Leadership Model

The IHF’s core vision is a world of healthy communities served by well-managed hospitals and healthcare services, where individuals can reach their highest potential for health.

Major shifts in the healthcare landscape create new challenges and opportunities for future-focused leaders around the world. The Leadership Model 2023 is central to fulfilling our vision, and an essential tool to support healthcare leaders to excel.

IHF Leadership Model 2023

About the IHF’s 2015 competency model

In 2015, a consortium of 18 organizations led by the IHF published the IHF Global Healthcare Management Competency Directory 2015. Over the years, this directory became the baseline for various activities led by IHF members and partners.

About the IHF’s 2023 competency model

Healthcare is fast-evolving and undergoing rapid changes, precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the emergence of global paradigm shifts, such as climate change. These major shifts in the healthcare landscape create new challenges and opportunities for contemporary leaders of the world’s hospitals of the future. In response, in 2022, the IHF began a project to create a future-oriented leadership competency model for healthcare executives, through international participation and consensus.

Forty-five experts from 30 countries (and with expertise in many more geographical areas) contributed to this research project. The 2023 model is an evolution of the 2015 directory. It is mainly aimed at current and aspiring healthcare executives, and can serve individuals, teams, and organizations. The model will support them by providing a useful leadership lens to their work and mission.

The IHF Leadership Model 2023 is an extension of the IHF’s vision and mission. It will support members of the IHF and the global healthcare community to strive for outstanding, future-focused leadership to advance their services. Importantly, this is the first model for the healthcare sector that embeds sustainability as a core leadership competency. 

Embedding the IHF Leadership Model

The IHF and its Geneva Sustainability Centre promote the model in our networks and continuously work to integrate the competencies within our programmes. We encourage all IHF members and partners to amplify our message and share this model in their networks. Please refer to our guidelines for referencing when using and quoting the IHF Leadership Model. 

For suggestions on how this model could help you and your organization, or for any questions, please contact our team.